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Original Powdered Palm Sugar

Original Powdered Palm Sugar This is a processed product that contains 100% pure palm sugar Which has gone through several processing stages so that it becomes a powdered palm sugar product with the best quality and qualities Packaging Variants: 200gr, 400gr, 1000gr,25_50 kg

Coffee Ground Palm Sugar

Coffee Ground Palm Sugar This is a premium product that we manage well, a combination of Premium Palm Sugar Powder with premium quality Robusta and Arabica Coffee Powder originating from Rejang Lebong district. This creates a delicious taste that is perfect for coffee lovers.

Premium Powdered Palm Sugar

Premium Powdered Palm Sugar This is a powdered palm sugar product with premium quality. We specifically produce it to meet the commercial needs of various industries, both the food and beverage industry Packaging Variant: 400gr (50pcs)

Red Ginger Powdered Palm Sugar

Red Ginger Powdered Palm Sugar It is a product that combines powdered palm sugar with red ginger powder, thus producing the best quality red ginger powdered palm sugar product with a delicious taste and is also beneficial for the human body. The way to enjoy Red Ginger Powdered Palm Sugar is by brewing it with warm water, like brewing coffee in general 250 gr packaging variant

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